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Parachute pants women 

Find your style for all seasons from our range of parachute trousers for women and mixed FantaZia: zouave, babacool, roots, Asian or basic chic... Move freely winter and summer in our original creations 100% pure cotton light, thick or jeans in the colors of fair and solidarity for a happy lifestyle.

  • Harem pants women ethnic princess Leilly - K1529 - 100% pure lightweight cotton from Nepal. Ideal for mid-season and summer!  One size, easy to put on and adjustable thanks to the shiired waistabdn at the back, the ineer drawstring and the elasticize ankels.

    £23.18 £28.97
  • 100% pure lightweight poplin cotton from Nepal. Mid season spring/summer These puffy-baggy pants and its pockets are made for adventurer! Wear it all year long! Adjust the length easily with the elasticized back and ankles.

    £23.18 £28.97
  • 100% pure fine corduroy from Nepal.Wide, regular-cut pants for all body types that allow all styles: casual, street or soberly chic, this mixed basic available in a soft and warm material will delight you in autumn-winter too. Sliding ties to be tightened (or not) at the ankles for a straight or puffed cut.

  • 100% pure cotton soft and light poplin from Nepal.Basic black but with an originality, this harem pants soft and light to wear can also pass for a skirt ankle length or knee thanks to the double-elasticated elastic bottom leg. Also appreciated during and after maternity! ;)

    £19.09 £27.27
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  • 100% pure thick cotton from Nepal. Mid season autumn winter These boho-inspired harem pants with the tight ankles without an elastic is ideal for mid-season and winter. Front drawstring – Pocket on each side + 1 pocket sewed on front – Elasticized back – Tighten ankles.

    £21.47 £30.68
  • 100% pure Nepalese cotton. Suitable for both men and women. Size indication: we recommend choosing a size aboye you usual one if you have curves. Zip-underflap closure .Velcro + drawstrings fastener.Ankles drawstrings to tight, or not, for a puffy or flared effect.

    £23.18 £28.97
  • 100% pure thick cotton from Nepal. mid-season autumn winter. Elasticized ankles + back. Printed belt. 1 pocket with a printed bottom on each side Available in sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL.

  • 100% pure thick cotton from Nepal. Mid season and winter These harem pants will particularly suit pregnant women with the large elastic jersey cotton waistband that will envelop round bellies or that can be fold up for a low-cut.

    £18.41 £30.68
  • Pure thick jeans from Nepal. Mid season autumn winter.A basic 2 in 1 jeans to have in your dressing room! Straight trousers wide or puffy thanks to the sliding ties to be tightened, or not, with the ankles. Closing by zip under tab+button+sliding ties to tie in front. 2 front patch pockets +1 on each side - 2 butt pockets + coconut button.

    £24.54 £30.68
  • Pure denim jeans soft and light cotton from Nepal.A plain basic of the dressing room, original with the opening by zip & eccentric coco button, and timeless in soft denim jeans shimmering classy. Easy to accessorize and soft to wear in any occasion. Flat folds at the top. Belt inner drawstrings. Side pockets. Elasticated ankles.

  • 100% pure Nepalese cotton. Ideal for mid-season and winter. Zip-undeflap + coconut wood button closure at the front – back and ankles elasticized – 1 pocket on each side – pinch pleats to get a chic puffy effect.

    £23.18 £28.97
  • Parachute pants elastic hemp Kalinko - K2019 - 100% pure Nepalese cotton. Mid-season autumn winter. Perfect for men and women, these parachute pants with a elasticized waist will suit you no matter your size, from S to 2XL! Large shirred waistand (approx. 8m width) Front drawstring 1 big pocket on each side Elasticized ankles

    £23.18 £28.97
  • 100% pure thick cotton from Nepal. Mid season autumn/winter The unique star design by FantaZia suits very well to these hippy harem short pants which reveal the ankles and can also be worn as a long skirt or under the knees. Large shirred belt (approx. 15cm width) and elasticized ankles for a double opening.

    £21.47 £30.68
  • 100% pure corduroy from Nepal. Autumn winter.Did you like wearing it this summer ?! These wide and baggy pants have been revisited in a classic-chic winter version with a soft, finely ribbed and luminous velvet: a plain basic of the original wardrobe with the side opening. Easy to accessorize and soft to wear for any occasion. Front and back darts....

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