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Women's clothing 

Discover the latest FantaZia trends and find your everyday outfit with a wide selection of ethnic and ethical women's and mixed clothing: harem pants, jumpsuits and overalls, dresses and skirts, tops, t-shirt and tunics - 100% pure cotton light or thick - ethnic basics to FantaZtiques clothes for all sizes, all styles! There is no age to wear! ;-)

  • 100% pure lightweight and soft cotton from Nepal. These reggae coloured harem pants are perfect for mid-season and summer. They’re suitable for both men and women. Belt loop – Coconut wood button closure at the frond + zip-underflap – 2 big pockets (including 1 zipped) on each side – Elasticized back and ankles.

  • 100% lightweight and soft cotton from Nepal. Mid-season spring summer. Suitable for both men and women. Flipped zip closure on side - Velcro + waist drawstring to tie to the front. Ankles drawstring to tie (or not) for a straight or a puffy effect. 2 front pockets + 1 on each side. Flap on a fake back pocket. We recommend choosing a size above your usual...

    £20.07 £28.67 -30%
  • 100% pure Nepalese cotton. Ideal for mid-season and winter. Zip-undeflap + coconut wood button closure at the front – back and ankles elasticized – 1 pocket on each side – pinch pleats to get a chic puffy effect.

    £17.50 £24.99 -30%
  • 100% pure thick double khadar traditional cotton from Nepal.These puffy Aladdin style harem pants revisit ethnic codes with their original geometric print. Loops + non-removable belt with different front and back to play with contrasts. Side pockets. 2 coco buttons + zip under front leg. Elasticated ankles. Colours: Black and grey.

    £21.17 £26.46 -20%
  • Pure soft and light Nepalese poplin cotton.A basic plain of the original dressing room with the opening by zip & eccentric coco button. Easy to accessorize and soft to wear in any occasion. Front and back clamps. Sliding drawstrings inside belt. 2 pockets. Elasticated ankles. Colour: plain black.

    £20.00 £24.99 -20%
  • 100% pure thick cotton from Nepal Perfect for mid-season and winter. Zip under front leg + coco button. Elasticated back. Side pockets. Elastic ankles. Colour : Black. Available in sizes (EU) S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL.

    £20.07 £28.67 -30%
  • 100% pure Nepalese cotton. Suitable for both men and women. Size indication: we recommend choosing a size aboye you usual one if you have curves. Zip-underflap closure .Velcro + drawstrings fastener.Ankles drawstrings to tight, or not, for a puffy or flared effect.

    £20.00 £24.99 -20%
  • 100% pure denim jeans soft and light cotton from Nepal.Meeting of Western modernity and ethnicity, these harem pants with low forks will accompany you in all softness and class with its original print and soft denim jeans slightly shimmering. Side pockets. Elasticated ankles. Zip + coconut button on the side. Belt inner drawstrings.

    £18.53 £26.46 -30%
  • Boho Jacket elf hood psychedelic Puzzla – FZ1439 – 100% pure thick Nepalese cotton and soft fleece lined. Suitable for both men and women, this jacket is fitted so we recommend choosing the size above your usual one. This jacket is fully lined with soft fleece and falls to below the waist. It includes asymmetric basis and an elf hood (non-removable)...

  • 100% pure lightweight and soft cotton from Nepal woven like linen. Mid-season Spring-summer One size (EU) (fits from 34 to 48) – Harem pants suitable for both men and women. Ideals for pregnant women and the generous curves as well as for small-sized. They adapt gently and softly to any movement. Large smocked belt (18cm; 7”) + Elasticized ankles – 1...

    £17.50 £24.99 -30%
  • 100% pure thick cotton from Nepal. Mid season autumn/winter This harem jumpsuit will simply and elegantly highlight your femininity and your hippy side. You may accessorize this closet basic with a cheche, a waistband or a belt ! It suits well thanks to the elasticized ankles, the shirred back and the adjustable straps – 2 pockets.

    £21.17 £26.46 -20%
  • 100% pure cotton khadar soft and light from Nepal.These baggy trousers with a corseted belt in front of you will give a look of small aladin chic feminine. Homewear or to go out? Both! One size (EU) fits all: from 36 to 46. Elastic back and ankles. 2 pockets. Crossed laces in front of the corset-style belt.

    £20.00 £24.99 -20%
  • Mid season autumn winter This long and flared skirt, perfect for mid-season and winter will turn you into a boho and romantic heroine!

  • 100% pure cotton soft and light poplin from Nepal.Basic black but with an originality, this harem pants soft and light to wear can also pass for a skirt ankle length or knee thanks to the double-elasticated elastic bottom leg. Also appreciated during and after maternity! ;)

  • 100% pure thick double khadar traditional cotton from Nepal. This long flared black plain skirt is a basic wardrobe easy to accessorize. Side opening by coco button + zip - Drawstrings inside belt - Flat pleats at the top - Side pockets - Colour: plain black.

    £17.50 £24.99 -30%
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