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FantaZia is offering you several options to pay safely: by credit card (Visa or Mastercard), Paypal (other card), HiPay, or bank transfer.

Credit Card: :

-Privacy and safety: your card data are delivered by encrypted Paybox to the BNP server: with a SSL protocol which ensures the safety of the given details. You have the option to pay with your credit card, VISA or Master Card, E-card…
- -user- friendliness: by simply indicating the number, the expiry date and the security of your credit card (3 digit numbers given at the back of the card), the payment is registered.



(Immediately sent within 48 working hours)

With PayPal :

- Fast: you do not need to type in your credit card number or your address anymore.
- Secure: you do not reveal any of your banking information to the merchants.
- Accepted cards: MasterCard, Visa, Aurore, Cofinoga / Privilège, Cofidis stars, American Express (AMX),Carte VPay, Discover
- Please do not forget to click on “Back to shopping”  after your payment to submit your order on our website.
- PayPal is the undisputed leader of the online payment and enables buyers and sellers to send and receive online payments. Paypal has more than 96 million accounts across 55 countries and areas of the world. It is accepted by sellers everywhere, especially on eBay. Paypal contributes to protect information concerning your credit card thanks to the best systems involved in the market for safety and prevention against fraud. When you are using Paypal your banking information are never communicated to the seller.

(Immediately sent within 48 working hours)

Bank Transfer:

virement bancaire virement bancaire credit agricole

If you do not wish to pay with your credit card, we offer you the option to settle your order by bank transfer on our BNP account. When choosing the method of payment, select “Bank Transfer” and we will provide you the bank account details of FantaZia at the end of placing your order.
Please allow 24 to 48 working hours between your banking transfer and the receipt on our account of the payment.
(Immediately sent as soon as the transfer is received)

HiPay :

Hipay enables buyers and sellers to send and receive online payments. Because each country has its own habits in regards of payment, HiPay wallet offers you, beside classic international solutions, a spectrum of local payment methods: bank transfer, cash payment, direct debit and credit/debit card... HiPay wallet is the only service to offer you, besides the classic offer of debit/credit card, alternates solutions of payments specific to each country (Belgium, Germany, Portugal, the Netherlands...) and directly negotiates with banks to list on your behalf all the methods of payment the most used in Europe.

- Secure: you do not reveal any of your banking information to the merchants.


(Immediately sent within 48 working hours)

For further information, please contact our customer service.

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