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To fit your calm personality every day and look at the rising sun on peaceful days, check out our boho original creations with this selection of Asian and Indian pants made out of pure cotton. You may want to match it with our cotton shirts and overshirts from, the online reference of fair trade and ethical fashion.

  • Indian Pants Uni - Indian Pants K17 - 100% pure Nepalese cotton woven like linen.  One size (S to XL) - Elasticized waist + front drawstring

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  • 100% pure cotton from Nepal.A must, for both men and women, timeless and practical with its 3 gusseted pockets closed by a coco button. Elastic belt back and ankles - Zip + coco button in front.

  • Boubou Pants - K906 -100% pure thick cotton from Nepal.  One size (from S to L sizes) - back elasticized - 1 big pocket on each side

  • Harem Pants black Mikos - K1402 - 100% pure cotton from Nepal.  Suitable for both men and women, ideal for mid-season and winter. Thanks to the elasticized back and ankles, they are suitable for everyone from 1,60m to 1,90m. Stop looking, long legs have just found their harem pants! 

  • 100% pure soft and light cotton from Nepal.For both men and women, this sarouel is ideal for mid-season spring summer. Belt and inside pockets with black geometric retro print. Elastic ankles. 1 pocket on each side. Side closure by coco button and zip under flap + inner sliding ties.

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  • 100% pure denim jeans and printed cotton from Nepal. Mid season spring summer.An always trendy denim jean soft and practical with its 3 gusseted pockets closed by a coco button. For both men and women. Elastic belt back and ankles - Opening in front by zip under buttoned tab (4 coco buttons).

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  • Harem pants basic zen Yuma black - K2006 - 100% pure thick cotton from Nepal. Ideal for mid-season and winter. Suitable for both men and women. One size: from S to XL. 

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