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To relax throughout the year, check out our latest boho trends of the original fantazia collections made out of pure cotton. Bask in any season in these FantaZia hippie pants for men and women. Match it with our cheche and shirts/overshirts from fantazia-shop.com, expert in fair trade and ethical clothing.

  • 100% pure cotton from Nepal.A must, for both men and women, timeless and practical with its 3 gusseted pockets closed by a coco button. Elastic belt back and ankles - Zip + coco button in front.

  • 100% pure lightweight and soft cotton from Nepal. Mid-season spring and summer. Suitable for both men and women, these genie pants can turn into Capri pants or three-quarter pants thanks to the puckers on each side. A basic for spring to autumn! 1 pocket on each side.

  • 100% pure lightweight and soft cotton from Nepal. These reggae coloured harem pants are perfect for mid-season and summer. They’re suitable for both men and women. Belt loop – coconut wood button closure at the frond + zip-underflap – 2 big pockets (including 1 zipped) on each side – elasticized back and ankles.

  • 100% pure lightweight and soft poplin cotton from Nepal.  Combining liberty and identity, these harem pants printed with unique FantaZia creations are a must-have for both men and women.

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  • Hippy chic pants hidden-treasure - KPR02Ter - 100% pure soft cotton from Nepal. Ideal for mid-season.  One size because it is elasticized at the back - front drawstring. Perfect from S to XL sizes.

  • Harem Pants baggy genie men women light grey - K1721 - 100% pure llightweight cotton from nepal. Mid-season spring/summer. Refined line for a lightweight loose-fitting balloon pants. Ultra convenient with their 4 big pockets. One size, suitable for both men and women, going from S size to XL.

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  • Harem pants elastic plus size Djecky brown - K1664 - 100% pur coton du Népal.  Harem pants for men or for women, they are ideals for long legs, generous hem and round bellies that are evolving during prengnancy. Wear it all year round!

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  • 100% pure soft and light cotton from Nepal.For both men and women, this sarouel is ideal for mid-season spring summer. Belt and inside pockets with black geometric retro print. Elastic ankles. 1 pocket on each side. Side closure by coco button and zip under flap + inner sliding ties.

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  • Thick harem pants Ilona - K1225 - 100% pure thick cotton from Nepal. Ideal for mid-season and winter.  Harem pants suitable for both men and women.  One size from S to 2XL - shirred back - Elasticized ankles - suitable for everyone from 1,60m to 1,85m - 1 big pocket on each side of the pants.

  • 100% pure Nepalese cotton. These Thai "fisherman" pants are unitaille and unisex, very comfortable by its texture and its ample cut adapting to each morphology. The same pants as your size is 34 or 50!

  • Thick Harem pants elastic Mikos - K1221 -100% pure thick cotton from nepal.  Ideal for mid-season and winter. These harem pants are suitable for both men and women. One size: from S to 3XL - shirred waist Elasticized ankles enabling everyone to wear it from 1,60m to 1,85m high.

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  • Harem Pants plus-size elastic men women black red Pataya - K1809 - Pure thick cotton from Nepal. Mid-season autumn/winter. Wear it all year round according to the weather and your desires. Harem pants, short pants or bustier playsuit for women, change the style thanks to the elasticized ankles that you can pull up! One size: from S to 3XL.

  • Harem pants plus size beige hemp heather Unduman - K2125 - Pure lightweight cotton from nepal woven like linen. Mid-season spring/summer. Ideal for men and for women, whatever your size or your hips size, blossom in these harem pants; shirred at the waist and ankles elasticized! Suitable for small sizes as they are for round bellies and generous hips....

  • 100% pure lightweight cotton from Nepal woven like linen. Spring summer Suitable for both men and women, send good vibes lightly in these short harem pants with reggae style colours. One size (from S to 3XL). Elasticized belt and ankles. Drawstrings to tie on front. 1 pocket on each side.

  • 100% soft and light poplin cotton from Nepal. Made of pure light Nepalese poplin cotton, this very soft shorty sarouel is very pleasant to wear. To transform into comfortable bermuda shorts on warm days thanks to elasticated ankles. Elastic waistband. Sliding drawstrings in front. 2 pockets. Colour: Navy blue.

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